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No matter how serious or life-altering the injury or situation that you or a loved one experiences, our team of aggressive courtroom litigators, spearheaded by a former federal prosecutor, will do what it takes to win.

Our winning formula is simple—we combine our trial experience and tireless work ethic with a sincere belief in the cases we accept and a genuine care for the people and families we represent.

That formula led to the formation of our law firm, and it has led countless individuals and families to justice.

Types of Cases We Handle

We carefully select cases where good people have been severely injured or wronged. We can handle any case with those criteria regardless of how a person is injured or wronged, but we focus on 4 types of cases:

Additional Areas We Focus On

Wrongful Death
Boat Accidents
Nursing Home Negligence
18-Wheeler Crashes
Commercial Trucking Accidents
Workplace and Plant Injuries
Business Litigation
Toxic or Chemical Exposures
Brain Injuries

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