There is hardly a job in existence more dangerous than working for the railroad.  Tragically, railroad employees are twice as likely to die at work than the average American.  

On a daily basis, railroad workers use and encounter heavy machinery while moving ballast, switching cars, setting trains, inspecting tanks and hoppers, and performing any number of other functions that are inherently dangerous.  Performing these functions inevitably leads to a high number of injuries.  While some workers suffer amputations, burns, and illnesses like lung cancer, lead poisoning, and benzene-related leukemia, others suffer less severe injuries such as back strains, development of carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and gradual hearing loss.  

Regardless of how minor or severe your injury is, it is important to remember that simply by working for the railroad you are entitled to compensation through the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) as long as some amount of employer negligence contributed to the injury.

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